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The worst place ever to live electric is not no good take a minute before the lights come on all the way on took 3 years to get my second bathroom commode working mind you it still don't work properly the commode constantly runs and leaks in both bathrooms they've been notified several times and it's still not fixed .my kitchen faucet handle fell off took 3 months to get it replaced I couldn't use the sink .they have changed office managers almost every month this year. And not once did they send out a letter to let us know there would be someone new in the office.

Maintenance have been issues from day one. One of the maintenance man took my last cigarette open it up and split it while waiting for someone to answer the door all while he was being watched never ask just took it assumed it was okay. These apartments need some serious help God bless anyone that tries to move in they just don't know what they would be moving into. I feel but the owner should have to come stay and then asked himself or herself what they be asking as much rent for what they are given.Rent goes up every year and they fix nothing.

I hope this reaches someone who is willing to take a look at our concerns and do something about it. I was asked for a sixty day notice when they have changed managers so much. I don't understand. I hope they don't try to use that against me when I move out.

Because I did my least term.

That's all that matters. They are the ones who didn't hold upto there end of the agreement .

Product or Service Mentioned: Elon Property Management Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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There is so much MOLD here. We were charged so much on move in day.

Without a warning we paid 1st last have to pay 50.00 month for water. No way do we use 50.00 a month.

Pay 12.00 month for insurance on the building what the he'll. ELON IS HORRIBLE

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