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I had a returned check over two years ago because I was going through a divorce and they still won't let me pay with a check. I have to get a money order every month and drop it off in person because they don't have a drop box or any place to leave payments when the...
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Misty Garner

You could set up auto pay so you don't have to worry about getting money orders.

I liked
  • Lowest rent in desired location is only reason i rented there
I didn't like
  • Customer service sucks
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The last day residing at blueberry hill 1 Nicole was on her "honey moon" so there was no walk thru, there was nothing done appropriately as most apartments do when someone leaves. There was a carpet cleaning that I was charged for A month later! I moved to blue berry...
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I would be calling the police and having her arrested for assault


They are only going to respond if ever thru their lawyers and they are really bad. You will have to sue them. like I am doing

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This company doesnt care about their property or the tenants who live there. When you call and leave a message they will not return ypur call. They treat their employees horribly and they're too cheap to hire professionals who actually know how to fix things! My lease...
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